Defenbaugh Family

Blackstone, IL

Defenbaugh Family

Meet the Defenbaugh Family


Family History

•    Kevin and his wife, Tabitha, have two children, Guy and Callie.
•    Kevin is a sixth generation farmer and the first to raise pigs commerically.
•    Tabitha works for the township and also helps on the farm.
•    The Defenbaugh family raises corn, soybeans, wheat and cattle.
•    The pig barn will diversify the farm and open opportunities for future generations.

Construction and Operation Oversight

•    The barn will be home to 2,496 head of pigs.
•    It is oriented North/West and measures 102 ’ x198’.
•    This barn is a curtain-sided, tunnel ventilation barn.
•    The barn has been constructed per stringent standards set forth by the Livestock Management Facilities Act (LMFA) governed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA).
•    IDOA representatives inspected the farm before, during and after construction.
•    Once in operation, the farm must continue to comply with the IL Environmental Protection Act, enforced by the IL EPA.
•    Kevin and Tabitha will both complete the Certified Livestock Managers certification.


The Pigs

•    Pigs will enter the barns weighing around 12 pounds, where they will be housed for six months until they reach market weight of approximately 280 pounds.
•    They will have full access to feed and water.
•    Computer controlled ventilation will properly control the temperature and humidity levels in the barns to give the pigs a comfortable environment.
•    Select gilts from this barn will move to a sow farm for breeding.


Local Economic Benefits

•    The hog farm will support jobs in the community pertaining to the construction of the barn, milling and delivery of feed, and transporting the pigs.
•    A large percentage of local tax revenues will go to Woodland Cusd #5.
•    This hog farm will produce over 320,000 (5-7 oz.) pork chops and over 5 million slices of bacon per year, feeding the local community and beyond!
•    In one year, the pigs will consume approximately 40,000 bushels of corn and 6,000 bushels of soybeans, grown by local farmers.


Materials Sourced From Illinois Businesses

•    Electric for the barn installed byT & S Quick Enterprises, Blackstone.
•    Propane and taks sourced from Dibble Propane, Gardner.
•    Gas lines installed by Jacob Rinkenberger, Forrest.