• All funds collected from membership are used on legislative and regulatory items
  • These efforts include working with legislators and regulatory agencies to give the pork industry the best opportunity to grow.
    • Maintaining the LMFA, supporting the building of new hog barns in Illinois
    • Supplying legislators with information on the importance of the pork industry to the state
  • Networking opportunities with other producers and allied industry leaders
  • Association support at the county level during public information meetings
  • Exclusive Member Benefits:  


    • Chop Talk monthly newsletter and relevant e-news
    • Member only webinars and presentations throughout the year   
    • Environmental Consultant Farm Visit ($320 value)                             
    • Discount with Employee Benefit Solutions on Health, Vision & Dental Insurance  
    • 50% Discount on Commodity & Ingredient Hedging Pork Marketing Seminar     
    • 10% Discount on legal services from Hepler Broom   
    • $50 per hour discount on legal services provided by Claire Manning with Brown, Hay & Stephens
    • $150 Discount on Frank & West Environmental Engineering Services    
    • Prime rate for workers comp insurance through Zenith
    • $200 off Maurer-Stutz services
    • ASF and PRRS Insurance discounts for sow farms through Stockguard
  • NEW Benefits in 2023:  


    • $500 Discount with Swineworks, International Labor Recruiting Service, available one time per year for new and existing clients
    • Prescription medicine discount through DiRx



Membership Types

Strategic Investment Program (SIP)

IPPA is transitioning to NPPC’s Strategic Investment Program (SIP) as the membership opportunity for producers. This investment program into NPPC works through the markets. Once you enroll in the program, when you sell pigs to a market, your membership dues will be collected. The rate is $0.15 per $100 value of the pigs.


For example, if you sell a pig for $200 at market, your investment will be $0.30 to NPPC. After the funds have been received by NPPC, 40% will be sent to IPPA to help fund our initiatives in the non-checkoff areas, such as legislative efforts in Springfield and DC.  Please see enrollment option below (A. Pig Owner or B. Grower)

IPPA Membership

  • $250 Allied Industry
    • $100 Additional Allied member 

                An individual directly connected with the pork industry

  • $100 Associate member

                A person with an interest in the pork industry

  • $100 Employee

                Employee of a pork production operation

  • $25 Youth

                Ages 13-23, full-time student







Member Testimonials



“We all know the pork industry had a lot of market disruptions during COVID-19. On any given day, we would wake up in the morning with a frown on our face when we couldn’t get our hogs to market and they kept growing on farm. This was a critical time when the Illinois Pork Producers Association really stepped up and led our industry through these unprecedented times with resources and updates our producers needed to keep going. Today, IPPA continues to serve as the backbone of the pork industry in Illinois. whether it is on the legislative front protecting our freedom to operate or delivering consumer insights on innovative ways to promote our products, I am proud to be a member.” Alan Kollmann, Effingham County




“As a pork producer in Western IL for over 20 years, one of the best ways to stay connected to the pork industry is through my annual membership to the Illinois Pork Producers Association. Illinois Pork keeps me updated on changes happening in the industry and especially during the market disruptions due to COVID-19, I was sometimes getting daily updates on issues that impacted my business and my livelihood. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have a strong connection to my state pork association as they tirelessly advocate for me and my fellow pork producers. “ Darren Sims, Adams County





“As a contract producer, I see the value in having a strong organization to lead the pork industry. IPPA has the resources to educate and to build relationships with policy makers and the public. Working with other ag groups, IPPA has developed and funded the Illinois Livestock Development Group which plays a crucial role in the promotion and siting of new barns. The Pork Power program cultivates good will across the state. Over the years IPPA has developed good relationships with lawmakers and regulatory agencies. These are relationships that can only be built over time and with the commitment of all of us.  They are crucial for the future growth of the pork sector in our state.” Dale Weitekamp, Montgomery County







COVID-19 has been an unprecedent event in our history that is still impacting us today. In April of 2020 we started to see our supply chain break down. Pork producers found themselves directly impacted across the country, as they were unable to get their hogs to market and faced overcrowding issues on farm.


Here in Illinois, the Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) fought hard for our farmers to ensure they had up-to-date information on ever-changing regulations and industry updates throughout the crisis so they could get back to business faster.


  • Keeping Markets Open
    • Coordinated with IL Dept of Ag, IL Dept of Public Health, County Health Depts and Packing Plants, Developed max weight standards for producers.
    • Delivered PPE to packer to keep from being shut down by their local health dept.
    • Created and distributed multilingual signage to packers about COVID – 19 spread mitigations and appreciation of their work
    • Advocating for packing plant worker priority for the vaccine
  • Backlog of animals
    • Worked with IL Dept of Ag to issue overstock waivers for barns.
    • Coordinated with IL Dept of Transportation on overweight hauling extensions.
    • Collected and shared information on max weight capacity of packers across state
  • Preparation of mass euthanasia events
    • Development of a mass euthanasia trailer that could be sent to farms.
      • Purchased six (6) captive bolt devices for use in on farm emergencies by veterinarians.
    • Coordinated with IL Dept of Ag and IL EPA on carcass disposal.
    • Collected information on disposal methods.
      • Located carbon sources for composting or above ground burial.
      • Coordinated with rendering services across the state.
  • Assistance for producers
    • IPPA staff contacted our producers by phone and email keeping them updated on programs available for assistance.
    • Provided N95 masks, cotton masks and face shields to members at no charge.
    • Assisted in creation of call center for producer questions.
    • Made connections with Farm Family Resource Initiative for mental health support and resources.
    • Mortality disposal grant program established.
    • Creation of Emergency Response Trailer grant program
  • Consumer Messaging
    • Reminded consumers of the important part producers play in the supply chain.
    • Social Media campaigns on collecting donations ($14,000+) for Pork Power Program, donating ground pork to food banks.
  • Advocacy Efforts on state and federal programs
    • Regular email blasts sent to producers on program updates and deadlines.
    • Outreach to Gov. Pritzker and General Assembly and was instrumental in securing $5 million in CARES Act funding for depopulation and market interruption grants.


      • Major assistance to given to IL Dept of Ag on development of grant program.

 IPPA continues to fight for our members today.