PQA/TQA Certifications

Illinois Pork Farmers have many resource tools available to ensure the well-being of their pigs and the operation of their farms.  Two of the most popular programs are the PQA Plus and TQA certifications.  For more information, see below.

Pork Quality Assurance Program

In 1989, pork producers developed the Pork Quality Assurance® program, a producer education and certification program to reduce the risk of violative animal health product residues in pork. In 2007, the program was enhanced...

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Transport Quality Assurance

Transport Quality Assurance® (TQA®) is a program that helps swine transporters, producers and handlers understand how to handle, move and transport pigs and the potential impacts of those actions on pig well-being...

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Certified Livestock Manager Training (CLM)

University of Illinois CLM Training

The Illinois Livestock Management Facilities Act of 1997 requires livestock producers to receive training through the U of I Extension CLM Training...

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