IL Pork Facts

Illinois Pork Industry Facts

Compiled by the Illinois Pork Producers Association 


Where does Illinois rank in pork production in the U.S.?

Fourth. Illinois ranks 4th in the United States behind Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina.

How many pigs are in Illinois?

10.4 million pigs were finished in Illinois according to the USDA/NASS 2022 Pig Crop Report. 

What’s the number one county in Illinois in pork production?

Mercer County. With more than 323,000 head of hogs.

How many hog farms are there in Illinois?

1,678. Keep in mind that USDA considers anyone that raises 1 or more pigs to be a hog farm. Pork producers on average are getting larger and more specialized (may only raise feeder pigs or may only raise market hogs) to remain competitive in the ever-changing pork industry.

How much does the pork industry contribute to our state’s economy?

$13.8 billion. The pork industry is a vital part of our local and state economies contributing more than $13.8 billion annually to the state’s economy in addition to generating more than $170 million in taxes.

How many jobs are related to the pork industry in Illinois?

57,165. The pork industry includes not only pork production, but also input suppliers such as feed and equipment, transportation, and processing.

How many bushels of corn do market hogs consume in a year?

210 million bushels of corn.

How many bushels of soybeans do market hogs consume in a year?

63 million bushels of soybeans.

How much did pork production and pork exports increase from 2015-2022?

Pork production increased by 10%, while pork exports increased by 25% during the same time period. 

In 2022, how many millions of bushels of soybeans did pork exports account for?

89.7 million bushels of soybeans. 

In 2022, how much was the market value of pork exports to Illinois Corn?

$391.4 million


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