Checkoff At Work!

Retail/Marketing Activity


Up-to-date information about how the Illinois Pork Producers Association is partnering with retail stores across the state to put your Checkoff dollars to work!   Click...
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Food Service Grants


In 2023, IPPA awarded $4,750 to over twenty schools through our Food Service Grants. Grants are available to Illinois high school culinary, food service, and consumer education classes for the purpose of educating students about pork production and...
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Illinois Livestock Leadership Institute

See You in 2025!

Due to scheduling conflicts, the 2024 Illinois Livestock Leadership Institute trip will not be held in 2024. Please visit our website and follow our social media platforms for more information on youth opportunities available through the Illinois...
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IPPA Offers New Resource Guide


IPPA OFFERS NEW RESOURCE GUIDE FOR PRODUCERS HIRING INTERNATIONAL WORKERS Labor continues to be a challenge. Even as hog farm wages...
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Twice each year, IPPA sponsors "LEAP: There's the Pig in my Classroom" virtual field trip.  Hosted by the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center and sposored by the LEAP Foundation, There's a Pig in my classroom is a...
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Tree Buffer Grants


Tree buffers are just one of the current best management practices that pig farmers are embracing to benefit the environment. A buffer is an area of trees that are strategically placed to provide a wind break, recycle clean air, and provide...
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Love Fridge


IPPA and the Illinois Farm Families coalition were joined by farmer volunteers on February 9th to raise awareness about food accessibility and donate nutritious food to those in need across Chicago for The Love Fridge Chicago Initiative. The...
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Pork Power!


The 2023 Pork Power program was incredibly succesful, with over 63,000 pounds of pork donated to local food banks!  Since the inception of the program, over 3.3 millions servings of pork have been provided to food insecure families....
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Give-A-Ham Challenge


On November 29, IPPA president, Thomas Titus, presented 180 half boneless hams to Lt. Col. Michael Legler of the IL Army & Reserve Air National Guard based out of Springfield as part of the Give-A-Ham Challenge. Legler arranged for 13 military...
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