Giving Back

Giving Back


It's a simple fact, Illinois hog farmers are generous with their time and resources. They care about their neighbors and fellow citizens. Giving back is a cornerstone of what Illinois pig farmers do.

During the calendar year, there are many funding opportunities and scholarships available.




Community Outreach Co-op Funding

Currently, IPPA offers a program with matching co-op dollars to assist individual pig farmers, county pork producer groups and a variety of other types of organizations to be more positively involved and visible in their communities. The Illinois Pork Community Outreach Co-op Program will match up to $250 for the purchase of pork products.


Tree Buffer Grants

Tree buffers are just one of the current best management practices that pig farmers are embracing to benefit the environment. A buffer is an area of trees that are strategically placed to provide a wind break, recycle clean air, and provide curb appeal to a landscape.


Farm Beautification Grant

IPPA is offering pig farmers in Illinois a new grant opportunity this year. The Farm Beautification Grant allows producers to apply for up to $1,000 to purchase flag poles, landscaping, plants, signage and labor installation around their barns.



Several scholarships are available. 


Employee Betterment Initiative Funding

This program will provide reimbursable funds up to $250 to farm owners to invest back in their employees.