Kent Blunier


Kent is the owner and daily operations manager of Blunier Farms in Livingston County, which currently markets 10,000 hogs annually and farms 1,300 acres of corn and soybeans. Kent and his wife Jarrin have three children, a son Reed, a daughter Gracie, and a newborn daughter Beckett.


Kent and his family have been very involved in the industry over the years. Kent has attended district meetings, served as a pork act delegate, and worked at the Pork Patio during the Illinois State Fair. Kent is a proud FFA alumni and a member of the Pontiac Bible Church.


How do you believe the landscape of the industry has changed over the last five years?

“We have seen issues in the marketing chain addressed during covid, major fluctuations in prices and challenges with finding employees.”


  • Livingston County Corn Growers President
  • Livingston County Farm Bureau Member