Corbin Uitermarkt

Allied Industry Representative

Corbin Uitermarkt is currently the buying station manager for Wiechman Pig Company at their Warren County location.  Wiechman Pig Company is a 74-year-old hog dealer with 16 locations across the Midwest. Corbin is an advocate of the pork industry as well as the agricultural community as a whole. Corbin began his career in the pork industry with the Carthage System, as a Finishing Services Manager for Professional Swine Management from 2015 to 2019. He managed finishing sites in Illinois and Wisconsin and managed the health, marketing, risk management and customer service for that region. He joined the Wiechman team in April 2019. Corbin and his wife Amanda have two children, daughter Scout and son Blake.  They have undertaken a full remodel of a 96-year old home they purchased, but use free time to enjoy hiking, camping, riding motorcycles, and spending time with family.


Corbin earned his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in Agricultural Studies.


How do you believe the landscape of the industry has changed over the last five years? 

“Trading imports and exports has experienced a huge change within the last five years. Along with disease, we as an industry have maintained very well, keeping a majority of them out.”


  • IPPA Future Leader Program Member