County Ambassadors


The purpose of the Youth Pork Ambassador program is to provide an opportunity for young people to serve as youth spokespersons for their county pork producer organizations. The program gives youth interested in the pork industry an opportunity to interact with pork producers and others in the industry, learn about the industry, promote pork and make valuable contacts for future college and career opportunities.  



  1. Gain experience and knowledge in different areas of the pork industry by completing at least five projects or activities from the project areas below. Other activities may qualify, as advised by the IPPA Youth Coordinator and Executive Director.
  2. Attend the state-wide county ambassador meeting(s) as planned by the Youth Director.
  3. Volunteer at the Birthing Center at the IL State Fair.
  4. Attend the ILPI trip.
  5. Submit 1-page summary of experiences of the year to the IPPA by December 31, 2018.


  1. All county ambassadors that complete five projects/actives or more and have submitted to IPPA by 12/31/2018 will receive $100 cash award at the following Illinois Pork Expo.
  2. Of those who submit at least five projects/activities, the student who most effectively served as county ambassador will be named the 2018 Outstanding County Ambassador and will receive a $500 cash award from IPPA at the Illinois Pork Expo. 


Current County Ambassadors are reminded to submit their activity cards for the 2018 year by December 31. Those who turn in activity cards will be recognized at the Illinois Pork Expo Annual Meeting on January 29, 2019. You can fill out the activity report at the link below. 


Activity Report


County Ambassadors must submit an application to be eligible, each year. Applications are due December 31st of the year prior to service. Applications for the 2019 year can be found below. Please fill out and return to by December 31, 2018.


2019 County Ambassador App