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USDA Launches Second Round of Trade Mitigation Payments

Due to the government shut down, the MFP application deadline has been extended for a period of time equal to the number of business days FSA offices were closed, once the government shutdown ends.


Read a press release from Secretary Perdue on the extention HERE.


(Washington, D.C., December 17, 2018) – At the direction of President Donald J. Trump, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today launched the second and final round of trade mitigation payments aimed at assisting farmers suffering from damage due to unjustified trade retaliation by foreign nations. Producers of certain commodities will now be eligible to receive Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments for the second half of their 2018 production.

How will pig farmers benefit?

Are you a farmer whose commodities have been directly impacted by foreign retaliatory tariffs, resulting in the loss of traditional export markets? Below are details regarding the Market Facilitation Program (MFP).

•    Direct Payments for Pork Producers and Other Farmers: Sign up begins now at local Farm Service Agency offices throughout the country. To be eligible for payments, individuals must be pig owners, with an adjusted gross income less than $900,000. Payments are capped at $125,000 per person or legal entity. The rate of payment per pig is $8.00. The program applies to animals owned between July 15, 2018 to August 15, 2018 and the initial payment will be 50 percent of inventory. Federal spending is estimated at $4.6 billion.

USDA/FSA has indicated that farmers have several options when applying for the program.

  • Farmers must sign-up by January 15, 2019.
  • Form CCC-910 is the document to be used to sign-up and report 2018 production.
  • The application is available on the following website: and can be submitted in person, by mail (postmarked by 1-15-19), by fax, or scanned and e-mailed.  It will also be available at all local FSA Offices (Link to offices)
  • Producers may now choose any date between July 15 to Aug. 15 that correctly reflects their actual operation.  As a result, livestock only farmers can apply between Tuesday, September 4, 2018 and January 15, 2019.  If the producer also has soybeans or other eligible crops, they can either go back and update the CCC-910 or wait and do it all at one time.
  • One application per producer – nationwide.
  • Production information must be:
    • Provided upon request if pulled for a spot check
    • Verifiable and reliable
  • There are payment caps which are outlined in the document below.

Click HERE for a list of Illinois FSA offices.


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