Together We Have "Pork Power"


Together We Have

During these unprecedented times that COVID-19 has presented us with, pig farmers are facing an overstock of market-ready animals who were destined for harvest but unable to get there. At the same time, our state is facing an extra need for protein at food banks.


Together, we can help save pigs from going to waste due to COVID-19 and provide much needed protein to food banks across the state of Illinois. This partnership is called “Pork Power,” a program created in 2008 by the Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) in order to feed hungry Illinoisans.


To date, more than 821,000 pounds of pork - amounting to more than 2.7 million servings - has been donated on behalf of this platform. 


The program was originally a farmer-facing campaign offering funds to offset the processing cost of donated hogs. Today we ask that businesses, consumers and farmers alike contribute to the success of this effort.


IPPA is collecting monetary donations that will be used to get pork into the hands of those who need it most. Funds go toward the cost of processing, storage and delivery to food banks in Illinois. Those who donate more than $15 will receive a complimentary t-shirt from IPPA.


To learn more about our efforts, watch this video created to honor the program.


To participate simply visit to make a donation by credit card, or mail a check to the IPPA office with “Pork Power” in the memo line. Together, we have Pork Power!