Pig Farmer Gratitude Jar

Pig Farmer Gratitude Jar


IL Pork is teaming up with Compeer Financial & Veterans Q to recognize our Illinois pig farmers during Pork Month!


Nominations will be selected at random throughout the month to receive a care package of Veterans Barbecue products.


Show gratitude for your favorite pig farmers by nominating them via the button below.

We also ask that you leave a few words of gratitude for all pig farmers for us to share at the close of Pork Month.






Big "Thank You" to Compeer Financial and Veterans Q for their generosity and support of this campaign. We are happy to provide each of the winners with a bottle of barbecue and pork rub from the Veterans Q collection on their behalf.


*Farmer must live and farm in Illinois. You must be able to provide their mailing address at time of nomination in order for the care package to be sent.