Covid-19 Impacts

How COVID-19 Has Already Impacted Our Farmers


Covid-19 began impacting the pork industry in early January 2020 first through pork exports in several Asian markets including China and South Korea. It was not until late Aprill that Illinois slaughter facilities saw significant impacts. Below is a chart of Illinois Packing Plants.






The closure of pork harvesting facilities resulted in a backlog of hogs being held on farms. The short term shut downs, and slow down of plants, caused economic impacts for hog production output. It is estimated that COVID-19 will reduce output on Illinois hog farms by $429.8 million and a value added by $260.8 million in 2020.


Pork processing jobs contribute to 47,705 jobs in Illinois.


Source: Decisions Innovation Solutions, 2020 “Covid-19 Impact on Illinois Hog Producers and Pork Processing Industry", Illinois Pork Producer Association. Read the full report here.





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