Check Out These New Products at the IL Pork Expo!

Check out the products below that Expo exhibitors will be showcasing!


Advanced Composting

Booth #: 229

2030 Compost Special

Advanced Composting Technologies (ACT) has worked with integrators, producers, and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) for more than 15 years developing a cost-effective mortality composting solution. This two-step process starts by mechanically pre-processing the carcasses while thoroughly mixing them with carbon material and “hot compost”.  This homogenous mixture is then loaded into a forced aerated bin that optimizes and accelerates the whole composting process, unlike anything else in the marketplace.  This proven innovative process offers the producer a simple cost-effective system that accommodates spikes in mortality, consistently kills pathogens, and produces a nutrient rich end-product. To learn how this innovative process can help solve your on-farm mortality disposal issues, visit us at the Illinois Pork Expo; visit our website:; contact us at 515-214-4721.


Ag Create Solutions

Booth #: 534

Leadership Development

Pork Avenue Training Portal has launched its Leadership Development training series. The Leadership Development series empowers managers to understand the bottom line and inspire their staffs to offer the best pig care. Each lesson in this series helps sow and wean-to-market managers better know how to interpret numbers, how to understand financials, and how to instill the vision in others to do the right thing for the pig each day. The first lesson in the series is NIPs and Elevated Returns which guides learners through the process of decreasing non-productive days and NIPs, as well as addressing elevated returns to estrus at 42 days post-wean. This lesson develops skills in sow and wean-to-market managers to reduce the financial costs associated with NIPs and non-productive days.


Altenburg Construction

Booth #: 428

Heated Wash Bay



Bio Security is one of our top priorities. To better serve our customers, we have built a new wash bay to wash & disinfect and dry all our equipment between jobs.






American Resources/ Rotechna

Booth #: 635 & 700

SF3D The Telescopic Shelf Wet/Dry Feeder

The SF3D can feed many pigs. It is a diverse feeder thanks to the multiple feeding

and watering options it has. With easy adjustments and wide feeding spaces, the SF3D allows animals to eat peacefully and reduce feed waste. The system to regulate the shelf height allows access to animals of any size. The internal telescopic system does not require the user to empty the feeder nor remove any component

to adjust it. The SF3D is very accurate with a regulation. The VRH3 water valve can be installed inany feeding space, having a constant level of water.


Boehringer Ingelheim

Booth #: 216 & 217

Ingelvac Provenza

Ingelvac Provenza™ is the first live attenuated influenza vaccine for growing pigs, offering a new level of protection against the threat of influenza virus strains H1N2 AND H3N21. With demonstrated efficacy and safety, as well as the flexibility of timing and method of administration, Ingelvac Provenza™, developed and sold by Boehringer Ingelheim, fills an unmet need in the swine industry and will establish a new way of thinking about influenza protection. Visit to learn more.



Doda USA, Inc.

Booth #: 704

High Volume Patented Chopper Pump

Doda USA is proud to announce our new high volume patented chopper pump to our AFI model line-up. With 3000+ gpm the AFI 420  makes quick work of off-loading tanks or pumping direct from reception pit (with optional hydraulic power primer). Equipped with high quality mechanical seals,  bearings, and welded hardox housing,  the direct drive AFI 420 is built to last.  Call Ethan at Doda USA with questions. 507-630-0058








Eagle Point Solar

Booth #: 330

SREC Incentives

Stop by the Eagle Point Solar booth to discuss solar technology, learn about equipment, and evaluate the SREC incentives which are currently available in Illinois. Over 80% of the total cost may be offset via tax credits, equipment depreciation, and energy grants. 25-year solar module warranties which have a life expectancy of 40+ years to produce electricity. SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits). The potential to reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill. Lock in your electricity rates for the next 40+ years.


Farley Insurance Agency, Inc.

Booth #: 125

Disease Coverage

Specializing in hog confinement operations and protecting farmers since 1970. They provide coverage for BUILDINGS, EQUIPMENT, LIVESTOCK, LIABILITY, AUTO and WORKER’S COMPENSATION. They provide coverage for CARE, CUSTODY & CONTROL when you are raising hogs for someone else and they provide coverage for SUFFOCATION including MANURE GAS! What’s new? They provide coverage for PRRS, PED, Foot-and-Mouth and African Swine Fever. What Else? WORK COMP RATES ARE AT A 20-YEAR LOW!! Call today for a FREE quote!!

Call 618-562-4424



Farrpro, Inc

Booth #: 116

The Haven

The Haven is a semi-enclosed “brood heater”, a microclimate for piglets that enables them to thrive in an environment suited to their needs while also preventing energy losses through waste heat released into the ambient environment where it irritates the sow.  The Haven will also provide, through precise administration of UV light, a supplementation vector for vitamin D that piglets cannot currently receive in any other way.

Future versions will enable tracking of piglet growth and health outcomes as well as consolidation of data from sow cards and veterinary care, enabling producers to close the feedback loop and facilitating greater automation of the pork production process.


Furst McNess

Booth #: 430

Furst Finisher H20

McNess FURST FINISHER H2O™ is a unique water application technology that nutritionally supports pigs during the finishing phase.  This technology is conveniently delivered through the drinking water and delivers a combination of three specific strains of probiotic bacteria, concentrated yeast-based fermentation extract, key botanical extracts, organic acids and flavors.  FURST FINISHER H2O™ is recommended for use upon placement in a new facility to ease the stressful transition, during health challenges to support gut health and in late finishing to support water and feed consumption.  This easy-to-use product mixes well, is used for 3 to 7 days (repeating as necessary) and is available in three convenient quantities (6 - 16 oz. bottes, 2 gallons/case or 4 gallons/case) to accommodate your specific size of operation.


Gro Master Inc

Booth #: 215

Inline Regulator Valve

The new Inline Regulator (ILR) Valve from Crystal Spring Hog Equipment is the latest innovation from the creators of the Crystal Spring Wet/Dry Feeder concept. The ILR Valve provides producers with a simple, reliable and cost-effective method to manage water flow, quickly and easily adjusting flow rates from under 4 Cups to over 25 cups per minute. Paired with the Crystal Spring wet/dry feeders, the ILR Valve helps reduce pen management while providing optimum water flow for better feed consumption and efficiency. The stainless steel valve has no springs or wear parts and utilizes a patented silicone insert technology. The ILR Valve also acts as quick-disconnect shut-off with a removable sediment filter. For more information visit the Crystal Spring booth or our website


Hog Slat

Booth #: 809

E-Z Clean Corner Wheel

Hog Slat’s new E-Z Clean Corner Wheel used in chain feeding systems features a transparent cleaning door, enabling both quick visual inspection and easy removal of accumulated feed. The transparent cleaning door is securely fixed in place with three clamp fasteners and is sealed off against the penetration of moisture via a tongue and groove system with a unique integrated seal. The corner features a bi-directional cast wheel that turns on low friction, encapsulated stainless steel ball bearings.  The E-Z Clean Corner Wheel from Hog Slat can easily be retrofitted ontochain feeding systems.



Iowa Farm Automation

Booth #: 620

Micro Hoppers

IFA is now building Micro hoppers for weighing small ingredients going into weigh hopper or directly into a mixer.  Ingredients will be weighed either on a u-trough or a belt conveyor.










Kemin Industries

Booth #: 630


CaptiSURE™ is a proprietary blend of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), labeled as a liquid energy source for use in animal feed and feed materials. CaptiSURE provides a highly available energy source for growing animals and is comprised of a blend of MCFA’s, which have shown characteristics against pathogens found in feed and feed ingredients.



Booth #: 230

31199 Hawk Meal Bait

For years, Swine Producers have used Hawk Rodent Baits for unparalleled quality and effective control. Two new options are now available - both are ideal to use when rodents aren’t eating your current bait and acceptance is critical. Hawk Meal Bait has been available in bulk but is now sold in convenient Place Pacs. Meal Bait’s unique oat and grain formula is highly palatable, perfect if there are competing food sources available. Place Pacs keep the bait contained and can be used in tight spaces like corners, attics or pit baiting.
Hawk Soft Bait is an oil based formula, with a select blend of ingredients for maximum acceptance. The bait holds up in extreme conditions and won’t freeze, mold or melt.



Permanent Building Solutions LLC

Booth #: 533

Perma-Mag Metal Sheeting

Perma-Mag Metal Sheeting is manufactured exclusively by Permanent Building Solutions LLC. This extraordinary corrosion-resistant hot dip coated steel sheet has a coating layer of zinc, 6 percent aluminum and 3 percent magnesium, making it far superior to galvanized or alloy coated steel. This trustworthy product has been tested and proven in performance for generations in highly corrosive and changing environments. Offered in many attractive colors, Perma-Mag is the answer for peak investment protection on large animal confinement barns, commercial buildings, and many other applications.


Pig Innovations, LLC

Booth #: 306

Hog Trolley

Pig Innovations, LLC brings you the Hog TrolleyTM, the EASY way to remove mortality from your facilities! Pigs (up to 600 pounds) can be effortlessly transported by a single worker. To use, simply loop the chains around the pig’s legs and the motorized cables will lift the pig off the ground for transport. Push the trolley down the rail system with ease, and your mortality is removed in no time! This durable and low maintenance piece of equipment will make mortality transport more efficient and increase worker safety in your facilities. To see the Hog TrolleyTM in action, visit our Facebook page @PigInnovations for more pictures and videos!


Skylar Nutrition

Booth #: 605

Swine Compleat

Swine Compleat is a flavor-enhanced, nutrient-dense electrolyte formula that contains a complete and balanced spectrum of readily absorbed vitamins and minerals.  Swine Compleat is fortified additionally with a high-quality, easily digestible protein profile that provides free-floating Amino Acid complexes for efficient digestion and enhanced muscle growth.  Swine Compleat also contains highly-digestible fat sources that promote efficient nutrient uptake and provide quick, sustainable energy. Reduction of negative environmental impacts and promotion of natural immunity boosters is achieved with a multi-spectrum, anti-oxidant formula.  Nutritional absorption is further enhanced with prebiotics that feed the animals natural microbiology and improves gut health. Swine Compleat is a water-soluble powder that can be used in water, mixed in feed, top-dressed, or added to gruel to encourage health and performance.


Total Home and Farm Video

Booth #: 122

LiteBeam AC Gen2

The LiteBeam AC Gen2 offers a wireless, cost effective, and low maintenance solution to transmit vital information from one or more stations to one central location. The airMAX CPE eliminates the use of cables, and provides improved performance by eliminating the losses that cables can provide over long distances.  These wireless networks allow us to provide better coverage of livestock in remote locations.





Booth #: 633 & 634

Revolution AWT

Partnered with Newnion, an industry leader in live animal transport, and Red Rock Holdings Inc., Walinga presents the Revolution AWT (Animal Welfare Trailer). The Revolution AWT is easier on the animal, easier to load, easy to clean and easier on fuel. Newnion’s specialized animal transport components incorporate years of live transport expertise. Partitions manage animal proximity and density; ventilation systems, moving blinds and access to water (drinking nipples, water misters) minimize animal stress during transport. Specify 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels, dependent upon usage. (Weaners, Feeders, Market, Breeding Stock). Every component is resolved to withstand the demands of continuous hard use while maximizing animal welfare and bio security.  Visit for more information and videos.