Jill Brokaw


Jill Brokaw lives on their family farm Biddle Farm Inc. in Mercer County.  The farm is a farrow-to-finish operation that includes, three sow farms, contract finishing barns, and their own feed mill.  They are also a PIC gilt multiplier and grow corn and soybeans.  Jill’s primary focus is on logistics and feeding. She is 3rd generation of Biddle Family pig farmers.  Her grandfather started their farm that consisted of a small acreage and various livestock including swine.  It was her father that grew their role in the pork industry from raising pigs outdoors to the modern operation it is today that has a ripple that reaches across several states. Jill and her husband Travis have two children, Jake and Abby. Jill spends her free time supporting the extracurricular activities of her children while being engaged in many functions and committees for their school district.  Her son has special needs, so they also have the opportunity to participate in many activities supporting their local Autism community.


Jill graduated from Carl Sandburg College with a degree in Dental Hygiene.  Jill practiced for 15 years prior to returning to their farm full time.


 How do you believe the landscape of the industry has changed over the last five years? 

“We have seen some incredible resiliency in the face of adversity within the landscape of our industry.  From increased disease breaks, to restrictions and pauses due to the pandemic, to incredible input costs and inflation we have proven how strong pig farming is and how strong pig farmers are.  Looking ahead I feel the focus will continue to be on herd health and Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) preparedness as well as continuing to increase technology within the swine industry.” She is happy to have the opportunity to represent the production side of the pork industry, as well as promoting a product so dear to her heart. 


  • Completion of the Pork Leadership Institute