Dereke Dunkirk

At Large

Dereke has served on the IPPA board since 2008 and is from Christian County. During that time he has served in all officer positions and on all committees.

He is a fifth generation family farmer. The Dunkirk operation includes a 5000 head wean-to-finish operation, 2000 acres of corn and soybeans, and a small trucking operation that hauls livestock and grain.

Dereke and his wife Chelsea have been married for 10 years and have 3 children, Adelaide (7), Gentry (5), and Rigby (2). Dereke spends time serving on the local Farm Bureau and pork producers boards and previously served on the local school board for 10 years. He is also a member of St. Maurice church and the Knights of Colombus.

When asked to give advice to anyone looking to expand into livestock Dereke says “I always advocate for guys to expand into livestock. I think livestock is the best choice for farmers looking to diversify. Livestock provides opportunities to bring another generation back home, add a full time employee and add fertilizer and income.”

Being a part of IPPA has brought Dereke into an extended family of friends, producers and partners. This has allowed him to develop good relationship that have helped him expand his operation. He has also gained more confidence as a producer and businessman from listening to and learning from other producers he has served with over the years.