Open Houses

The Illinois Pork Producers, along with the Illinois Livestock Development Group, is proud to help pig farmers and their families host open houses for their new pig barns. Having an open house allows the friends, neighbors, and anyone in the community to see the inside of a pig barn before pigs arrive and ask questions. Our goal with these events is to educate consumers and help them get to know pig farmers on a more personal level.


Are you building a new barn and are interested in having an open house? Contact Jenny Jackson,, for more information.

Defenbaugh Family

Blackstone, IL

Meet the Defenbaugh Family   Family History •    Kevin and his wife, Tabitha, have two children, Guy and Callie. •    Kevin is a sixth generation farmer and the first to raise pigs...
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Coleman Family

Donnellson, IL

  Meet the Coleman Family   Family History •    Charlie is the fifth generation of Colemans to farm in the area. •    Charlie, and his wife Regan, have two young children Peyton age 5 and Tyler...
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Defenbaugh Open House

Blackstone, IL

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Harter Family

Barry, IL

Meet the Harter Family   Family History •    Doug is the fourth generation of Harters to farm and raise pigs. •    Doug, and his wife Kim, plus children: Kelsey, who is an LPN, and boys Bryce, Cayden...
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Austin Betzold

Nokomis, IL

  Meet Austin Betzold   Family History •    Austin is a 5th generation farmer. •    Attended Lake Land College then Iowa State University to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture...
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Dunkirk Family

Farmersville, IL

Dereke and Chelsea Dunkirk recently built a new 4,800 pig barn outside of Farmersville. Over 300 friends, family, and locals in the community came to the barn for an open house and meal. Tours were offered and a delicious meal prepared by...
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Meurer Family

Ashton, IL

The Meurer hosted an open house at their farm for a 2,400 head wean-to-finish barn near Ashton, IL. A ribbon cutting ceremony commenced the opening of the barn, and a pork chop lunch was provided to attendees, prepared by the Lee County...
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Krogman Family

Shannon, IL

Chad & Julia Krogman welcomed friends and neighbors to an open house at their new 2,450 wean-to-finish pig barn, near Shannon, IL.  "We’ve been married 8 years and desire a farm lifestyle for our family where we can work...
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Bradshaw Family

Griggsville, IL

The Matt Bradshaw family hosted an open house at their new pig barn near Griggsville, IL. Over 150 people enjoyed the warm November weather and enjoyed lunch on the farm. A ribbon cutting ceremony commenced the opening of the barn, and a pork chop...
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Andy Gathman

Easton, IL

Andy Gathman, a young farmer from Mason County and recent graduate from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, has found ways to come back to the family farm full time. Neighbors and members of the community joined to celebrate the opening of...
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Sandy Creek Lane

Wenona, IL

Sandy Creek Lane sow farm in Marshall County welcomed the community to an Open House. The farm, which consists of three barns, sits on five acres of land Northwest of Wenona and will be home to 5,600 sows. Once the farm is in full swing, it will...
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Betzold Open House

Nokomis, IL

Austin Betzold recently built a new 2,450 wean-to-finish barn in...
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Clark Family

Rossville, IL

Carl and Jody Clark, third generation farmers in Vermilion County, hosted an Open House for their two new 4,100 head wean to finish hog barns. Carl’s grandfather set roots in Vermilion County in 1966, and the Clark family has been there...
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McWhorter Family

Effingham, IL

On February 2, Clark and Rachael McWhorter held an open house for thier new 2,400 wean-to-market hog barn. They will be contracting with Borgic Farms out of Nokomis, IL. Nearly 150 people attended this event for tour of the barn and some light...
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McCune Family

Sheffield, IL

Harry McCune and his wife, Dee, jumped head first into livestock in 2016. They now have two 2,400 head wean to finish barns and held and open house on November 29. The McCune family, like all pig farmers, are dedicated to preserving the environment...
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Garner Open House

Alexander, IL

Garett Garner held an open house for his new 2,400 head wean to finish barn in Alexander, IL on November 17.  Morgan County is predominatly row crops and Garett hopes to inspire others in the area to think about livestock...
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Corzine Family

Assumption, IL

Caleb and Tarcie Corzine, Shelby County, IL, hold an open house with family, friends and neighbors to tour their new hog barn. See how the new barn supports Illinois agriculture and provides a great future for the young...
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Guymon Family

Carthage, IL

Congratulations to the Guymon family on their new 2,400 head wean to finish hog barn! Guymon's will be contracting with the Maschhoff's to get the pigs in the barn. On September 22, they held an open house to allow friends and neighbors to...
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Winkelman Family

Concord, IL

On August 4, the Winkelman Family hosted an open house for their newest barn. Pig farming is a family business for Dale and Sharon Winkelman. Now, their son Alex and his family, have the opportunity to come back to the farm with the addition of this...
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Will Family

Sigel, IL

On March 17, Brian and Karen Will held an open house for their new hog barn near Sigel, IL in Cumberland County. The barn will be a 2,400 head wean to market facility.  The Will’s are contract growers for Borgic Farms in Nokomis, IL....
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Mountain-Springer Family

Pearl, IL

The Mountain and Springer families hosted an open house at their new barn on January 22nd. It was a cold day with snow covering the ground, but that didn't stop the crowd. About 125 people showed up to tour the barn, watch the ribbon cutting,...
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Wildermuth Family

Osco, IL

On November 19, Taylor and Bridgett Wildermuth opened the doors to their new hog barn for a ribbon cutting ceremony. The barn is a 2,480 head wean to market barn located in Osco in Henry County.  Growing up Taylor enjoyed helping his father and...
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Six Family

Meredosia, IL

The Six family celebrated the opening of their new 4,600 head wean to market hog barn near Meredosia, Ill. in Morgan County by hosting an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on September 2nd. There are now six generations of the Six family to...
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Niemerg Family

Dieterich, IL

Mitch and Christine Niemerg celebrated the opening of their new 2,400 head wean to market hog barn near Dieterich, Ill. in Effingham County by hosting an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on September 4th. Mitch is a third generation farmer and...
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