Barn Maintenance: Steve Matthis



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Since Steve Matthis’ first job as an Agricultural Teacher at Brevard High School, his passion has been agriculture and education. Steve believes in formal education earning a Batchelor of Arts Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctor of Education degree from NC State University in Agricultural Education and Animal Science. However, his true love is “hands on” experience which he received when he was the owner, manager and operator of an independent hog farm for 14 years. His 21 years of experience teaching Animal Science at Sampson Community College involved both formal education and “hands on” learning.


At present, Steve is a consultant and has the title of Training Director at Prestage Farms Inc. which is a 100,000 sow farming operation in seven states.


All the way from growing up on a hog farm in Eastern North Carolina, to teaching Prestage employees the latest trends in hog farming, every aspect of Steve’s life has been centered around agriculture and primarily swine production.