Ted Funk Consulting

  Dr. Ted Funk, PhD, PE

Agricultural Engineering Consultant
University of Illinois, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Retired)
Savoy, IL, USA


Ted Funk has had a 33-year career with the University of Illinois as an Extension engineer, serving as the Extension group leader for programs in agricultural engineering across Illinois.  While at Illinois he developed and delivered producer-training programs, seminars, and workshops on environmental management and animal housing systems for livestock producers. Ted frequently provided input and testimony on behalf of the University and the livestock industry, during interagency discussions on state livestock regulations.  Beginning in 2013, he now works as a private consultant to the livestock industry in Illinois and the Midwest on environmental, structural, and energy issues.  Dr. Funk has traveled and lectured extensively to livestock-industry audiences in the US and in foreign countries including China.  

Manure application time is just around the corner

Fall harvest will soon be here, so it’s not too early to be planning your fall manure applications.  Here are some things to keep in...
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Dividing fields for winter spreading activities

When is a field not a field?  Answer: When it’s a subfield.    In conversations with farmers and agencies, it has become clear to me that complying with the spirit of the new Illinois Title 35 regulations requires a big dose...
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Weather data--get it here free!

Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.  Will Rogers   Almost everybody sees weather as a safe subject of conversation. But for farmers, weather is business. Why might pork producers want to know about...
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Always in Season--Manure Storage Safety

If you didn’t see the manure pit ventilation demonstration at this year’s Pork Expo, you missed out on a powerful visual of pit gas management.  IPPA sponsored the safety demo, which was brought and operated by Dennis Murphy and...
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Cover Crops: Not too soon for your fall plans.

As I travel the state, more farmers including pork producers are telling me “I don’t want to have soil exposed over winter.”  Cover crops are becoming an integral part of crop rotations, and are recognized by state and federal...
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Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy: How does it affect swine producers?

Many of you have heard of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS) released for comment earlier this year.  The main goal is to reduce Illinois' contribution of nitrate and total-phosphorus transport to the Gulf of Mexico via...
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