Employee Spotlight Program

 IPPA values the hard work done by pig farmers and employees to provide nutritious protein to consumers. To highlight these dedicated employees, we have created the Employee Spotlight Program in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim. 


Each month we are inviting farm owners or employers to nominate their on-farm employees that go above and beyond. Each employee chosen monthly will receive a grilling set, recognition on our social channels and Chop Talk, and be entered to win the grand prize selected in October 2021.

*Nominations are rolling




October Employee of the Month

Freddy Carrillo

We are excited to announce our October Employee Spotlight, Freddy Carrillo. Freddy is a Breeding Manager for Borgic Farms, Inc in Nokomis, IL. For 14 years, Freddy has been on the farm in various positions. He has shown great leadership throughout the years and continues to share his knowledge with fellow employees. Thank you, Freddy for your dedication to the industry!


Photo: Left Freddy Carrillo, Right Josh Matli, Sow Farm Manager


November Employee of the Month

Dan Phillips

Congratulations to Dan Phillips of Eureka, IL for being our November Employee Spotlight. Dan has been a devoted team member of Leman Farms Inc. for 15 years. His current role as the Operations Manager includes being the primary caregiver to approximately 8400 pigs as well as overseeing the feed mill and corn storage bins to ensure all feed gets processed and delivered each day.


Farm owner Chad Leman said, “We are very grateful for Dan's work ethic and diligence in helping us care for our pigs, raise crops, and grow our farm.”  Thank you, Dan for your 24/7 care and dedication!


December Employee of the Month

Teresa Anderson

Congratulations to our December Employee Spotlight, Teresa Anderson. Teresa has worked in the pork industry for over 25 years in various positions. She is currently the farm manager at Hufco, LLC in Malta, IL. Her passion shines through in all she does which includes caring for new piglets on the farm. She gives 110% to ensure all her "mamas" are taken care of. The farrowing house is the heart of the farm and it is Teresa’s priority to set each pig up for success.


Farm owner Bert Huftalin said, "Teresa also is very keenly aware of the financial hardships producers have faced this year, and takes it upon herself to suggest cost-saving measures for the farm.  For that we are truly appreciative and thankful.”


January Employee of the Month

Ermilo ChiCob

Congratulations to the January Employee of the month, Ermilo ChiCob. Ermilo is a Gestation Manager for Borgic Farms, Inc. in Nokomis, IL. He has been involved in the pork industry for 10 years and recently joined Borgic’s one year ago where he has excelled since day one. Since he took over the gestation department, he has implemented new organization and changed the farm culture for the better.  We are grateful for his focus and attention to detail on the job.  


Left Ermilo ChiCob, Right Josh Matli, Sow Farm Manager


February Employee of the Month

Greg Martin

Congrats to Greg Martin for being selected as February Employee of the month. Greg and his cousins, Roland and Lamar are responsible for the day to day care of over 12,000 pigs at Jeckel Pork in Delavan. Greg has shown great growth in his knowledge of pig health, biosecurity, and communication skills over the last year. We are grateful for his passion of taking care of pigs and that he shares those experiences with his family members.


Thank you Greg and congratulations!


March Employee of the Month

Alejo Dominguez

We are happy to announce Alejo Dominguez as IPPA March Employee Spotlight. Alejo has been working in the pork industry for eight years at Dumoulin Farms. Over the years, he has worked his way up becoming a supervisor of 20,000 pigs. Alejo is a great teacher and resource for his fellow co-workers.


Farm owner Pat Dumoulin said "He genuinely cares about doing a good job and he attracts other people who work with him to step up there game also. We are very fortunate to have the quality of people who help us to be very good individuals. Alejo is our lead man on our different sites and he is well deserving of this honor. We truly appreciate Alejo and our team."


Congrats and thank you Alejo for all you do!


April Employee of the Month

Colton Diel

Congratulations to Collin Diel of Noble for being selected as the April Employee Spotlight. Collin is currently a senior at Richland County High School and is involved on his family’s farm. Although young, he is already managing their pig barn with the intentions of purchasing it from his grandfather in the near future.


“Collin always demonstrates care-taking skills that are second to none,” says Alan Kollmann, who submitted the nomination. “His work ethic, attention to detail and demeanor have always been the highlights of his skill set. You can be confident that Collin is going to get the job done because he’s aware of what is expected daily.”


We are thrilled to see young people interested in our industry, and furthermore, ownership in the pork industry. IPPA is committed to keeping family farming traditions alive and enjoys supporting families, such as the Diels.


May Employee of the Month

Jesus Mendoza

Congrats to Jesus Mendoza of Malta, IL on being selected as IPPA’s May Employee Spotlight. Jesus has worked in the industry for 25 years and presently works for S&S Farms as a Finishing Manager. He has succeeded in all aspects of the pork industry, working his way to his current role as a manager where he supervises 15-20 people currently. We commend Jesus for his attention to detail on all aspects of the farm including biosecurity and marketing.


Thank you, Jesus for keeping our pigs safe and going above and beyond. Keep up the great work! 



June Employee of the Month

Colton Welch

Congrats Colton Welch of Joy, IL on being selected as IPPA June Employee Spotlight. Colton has been a part of Biddle Farm Inc. since 2013. His primary role as a field manager is working hand in hand with contract growers to manage all aspects of the wean to finish process as well as market hog selection. Colton has a keen eye for proper animal healthcare, an ability to motivate others, and exhibits continual growth and ingenuity. His passion for the industry and personal performance has led him to constructing his own hog barn in 2019. 


Farm owner Dennis Biddle said, “This first-generation pig farmer is a valuable asset to Biddle farms and the pork industry”.


Thank you, Colton, we are glad to have you as a member of the pork industry! 




July Employee of the Month

Donnie Steber

We would like to congratulate Donnie Steber, of Olney, for being selected as the July Employee Spotlight. Donnie is currently a wean-to-market production manager with The Maschhoffs, covering the Southeastern portion of Illinois. He has worked for the Company for 21 years and 5 months. Throughout his years in the pork industry, he has been an outstanding pig caretaker and committed team member.

Emmalee Haege, senior production manager, says, “Donnie has a wealth of knowledge about pigs and pork production and is always teaching and coaching his partners. He is also a very dedicated employee who is always going the extra distance to keep pigs alive and healthy as well as partners informed on production practices. We appreciate everything Donnie does for our company!”


Thank you Donnie for all your hard work and years of service. We are glad to highlight such an exceptional employee in the pork industry!



August Employee of the Month

Jay Turner

Congratulations to Jay Turner of Bradford, IL on being selected as August IPPA Employee Spotlight. Jay has worked for Cowser Inc for 15 years. In his current role as a team leader, he oversees the care of pigs and works with other staff members to maintain organization of their sow farm.


Jay is great at building relations with other teammates and is always willing to help get the job done. Day-to-day he can be found ultra-sounding sows, vaccinating, maintaining ventilation, ear tagging and more.


Farm owner, Steve Cowser said, “Our family appreciates his loyalty to our operation and his dedication to the swine industry. It is with great pleasure that we honor Jay Turner.”


Thank you Jay for your dedication to raising healthy and nutritious pigs for the food supply chain!



September Employee of the Month

Enri Rivera

Congratulations to Enri Rivera of New Athens, IL on being selected as IPPA September Employee Spotlight. Enri has been a loyal employee of Sis-Bro farm for 11 years. His role on the farm consists of barn maintenance and animal welfare. It is no surprise the importance his role contributes in the success of day to day operations.


Farm owner and operator, Clare Schilling said, “His patience and creativity have brough so much value to our farm. He is our “Jack of all trades”, an attentive herdsman and guy everyone can rely on.”


It is with pride we highlight a well deserving caretaker and ambassador of the pork industry. Thank you, Enri!

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