2018 Farm Bill

The Farm Bill conference committee approved the conference report. We are pleased that included in the language was mandatory funding for our top priorities—animal vaccines, state block grants, the NAHLN laboratory network, Market Access Program, and the Foreign Market Development Program. This is a huge win for not only the pork industry, but the entire livestock industry.


The 2018 Farm Bill includes mandatory animal health and disease preparedness funding of $120 million for the first four years of the bill. At least $5 million per year must go to the National Animal Disease Preparedness Program (state block grants) and the remaining dollars can be allocated across the vaccine bank, NAHLN and state block grants. Additionally, NAHLN is authorized for another $30 million per year for the five years of the bill. The fifth year of the bill includes mandatory $30 million per year for all three programs, but at least $18 million must go toward the state block grants. Additional funds for the vaccine bank and the National Animal Disease Preparedness Program are authorized as deemed necessary by appropriators. A visual is attached to attempt to make this funding allocation clearer.


The Secretary will have the authority to determine exactly what type of vaccines the funds are used for, although language was included giving Foot-and-Mouth Disease a high priority. Given the very real threat of FMD and efforts NPPC is undertaking with USDA to prevent African Swine Fever from entering our country, a balanced approach of surveillance, diagnostic capabilities, and vaccines provides a multi-faceted approach to keeping our herds healthy.


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