IL Pork Facts

Illinois Pork Industry Facts

Compiled by the Illinois Pork Producers Association 

Where does Illinois rank in pork production in the U.S.?

Fourth. In 2011, Illinois produced 1.9 billion pounds of pork, fourth in the U.S. behind Iowa, North Carolina, & Minnesota.

How many pigs are in Illinois?

4.6 million head. Of that 4.6 million head - 490,000 head are breeding hogs (sows & boars) and 4.11 million are market hogs (numbers according to the December 2012 U.S. Department of Agriculture Hogs and Pigs Report). 

What’s the number one county in Illinois in pork production?

Clinton County. With more than 230,000 head of hogs.

How many hog farms are there in Illinois?

2,000. Keep in mind that USDA considers anyone that raises 1 or more pigs to be a hog farm. Pork producers on average are getting larger and more specialized (may only raise feeder pigs or may only raise market hogs) to remain competitive in the ever-changing pork industry.

How much does the pork industry contribute to our state’s economy?

$1.8 billion. The pork industry is a vital part of our local and state economies contributing more than $1.8 billion annually to the state’s economy in addition to generating more than $170 million in taxes.

How many jobs are related to the pork industry in Illinois?

10,533. The pork industry includes not only pork production, but also input suppliers such as feed and equipment, transportation, and processing.

How many bushels of corn do market hogs consume in a year?

155 million bushels of corn or the equivalent of more than 911,000 acres of corn. Pork production is one of the largest consumers of grain. In 2010, Illinois marketed 10.3 million head of hogs. These market hogs consumed approximately 155 million bushels of corn, which based on the statewide trend yield data of 170 bushels/acre bushels/acre amounts to 911,76 acres of corn consumed by market hogs in Illinois!

How many bushels of soybeans do market hogs consume in a year?

32 million bushels. In 2010 Illinois marketed 10.3 million head of hogs X 150 lbs. of SBM per hog = 1,545,000 pounds of SBM divided by 48lbs. of meal per bu. =32,187,500 bushels. Pork production is a significant demand factor for the corn and soybean markets and benefits crop producers through increased prices.

Sources: Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service – 2012 Annual Summary; USDA Hogs & Pigs Report; “The Economic Impact of Illinois’s Livestock Industry” - June 2011 report.